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Group profile


Hong Kong Suzhong Group is a large cross-industry comprehensive group enterprise mainly engaged in real estate development, furniture and building materials, decorative materials, cultural leisure, new energy manufacturing, health care, mining development.  The mainland headquarters of the Group is located in Shanghai. The Group has more than 50 subordinate enterprises, employing more than 20,000 people, with fixed assets of nearly 5 billion yuan. The Group clings to the "create value for customers, build platform for employees, and produce wealth for the society” value principles, and adheres to the "Be dedicated to win trust, whole-hearted to make achievements, and specialized to create value" business philosophy. Wielding its abundant strategic resources, it continues to develop a variety of modern service projects, and make unremitting efforts to create more social value and achieve sustainable development of the enterprise.

Since 1989, the group has successively invested in the development of various medium and high-end residential communities, as well as diversified specialized markets and commodity exhibition centers in many cities across China. In many provinces and cities in China, such as Anhui, Henan, Shaanxi, Jiangsu and Shandong, the Group specializes in building high-quality living communities boasting ecological technical innovations, as well as high-profile, high-efficiency modern comprehensive market fairs and commodity exhibition centers, each single project occupying an area of more than 200 mu (13.34 ha) and each with an investment of several hundred million yuan and above.  

Over the years in the sector of real estate development, Hong Kong Suzhong Group has seized opportunities to take innovative steps, mainly on green, comfortable, and intelligent technologies, to create meticulously a high-quality living and residential environment for every home owner. In addition, the Group also allies with many well-known brands and large enterprises from Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Fujian to seek common development.

Hong Kong Suzhong Group, as a "developer” of residential properties, specialized markets and commercial complexes, it plays a role more than that in the real estate industry. Based on government plans and guidance, it merges resources of developers, owners, merchants, and consumers, and provides systematic and professional real estate operation services to enhance the dynamics and sustainability of urban commercial development.


The Group’s urban commercial property business ranges from all kinds of specialized markets to commercial complexes. The specialized markets refer to market fairs of decoration materials, smallware, hardware and electrical products, food, automobiles, etc. The commercial complexes cover a variety of business forms, such as shopping mall, commercial street, hotel, office, exhibition, conference, leisure and entertainment. By years of commercial development, Hong Kong Suzhong Group's commercial property projects have spread all over the country.

Moreover, as China accelerated the development pace of the new energy industry, and people raised concerns on health and medical care, the Group engaged itself extensively in new energy manufacturing, mining resource recycling and health care with its strong financial strength and years of experience in power battery production, and has achieved outstanding results. With continuous development, technology improvement and experience accumulation, the Group is bound to create brilliance tomorrow in its major sectors.