Nantong Taiweishi Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
is a new modern enterprise that has been deeply engaged in the medical and health field, integrating scientific research, production and trade.
The company, with nearly5,000sqm of Class100,000clean rooms, specializes in the production of disposable flat masks
disposable medical masks (sterile/non-sterile), medical surgical masks (sterile/non-sterile), medical protective masks (sterile/non-sterile), children's masks, KN95 3D protective masks (head-wearing, ear-band), medical protective masks (sterile/non-sterile), cup-shaped masks.

Meanwhile, the company is actively involved in the layout of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and has so far built a Class 300,000 dust-free clean room for production of sanitary materials such as melt-blown fabric, non-woven fabric, and hot air cotton. It has therefore achieved autonomous and controllable production throughout the entire process from raw materials to finished products, and hence consistent product quality.

Moreover, Taiweishi is positively enterprising and makes full use of its strength in autonomous production of relevant raw materials to extend the industry chain, and has successively launched deep-processing of non-woven surgical gowns, disposable dust caps, disposable dust-proof shoe covers, and disposable drawsheet, and other non-woven fabrics.

Taiweishi has always been committed to providing medical staff with highly reliable protective products through the use of high-standard materials, advanced technology and continuous innovation, to therefore contribute to building a safer and healthier world.